Shy Guy Costume Guide

In this guide, I will show you how to become one of the most fun characters in the Super Mario universe with just a few items – a SHY GUY!

Shy Guys are mysterious characters in the Super Mario video games who were originally fodder for Mario and Luigi to stomp on, but became sensations in their own right with their addition as drivers in Super Mario Kart.

They’ve personally always been some of my favorites because of their cool outfits which includes a colorful tunic and a distinctive mask.

Before we move on to how to construct a Shy Guy costume, here are some quick tidbits about these weird dudes:

  • No one knows exactly what they look like under the mask. Toad or Koopa? Who knows!
  • It is not known why they are so shy and don’t show their faces.
  • There are 125 types of shy guys in the Super Mario franchise.
  • Luigi is the only character who knows what a shy guy actually looks like behind the mask.

There are different types of shy guys so there is no limit to the way you can use your creativity and home-found materials to create an excellent shy guy costume.

How to Dress Like a Shy Guy from Super Mario Bros.


Shy Guy is most known for wearing a red hooded robe. Here are a few options you can try:

1. Wear a red hooded sweater.

2. Wear a long-sleeved red shirt and make a hood with red fabric that you will then attach with a needle and thread.

3. If you have a red raincoat at home do not hesitate to use it.

Pants and Shoes:

Wear blue pants or overalls. Make sure that the pants and shoes are the same color blue.


You can make Shy Guy’s iconic mask using a mask from the ghost costume you may have at home.

1. Use the mask from the old costume you have at home and secure it with a thick colored or brown elastic to simulate the Shy Guy mask.

2. Create a mask with recyclable materials following the patterns you can get on Pinterest, YouTube, Pepakura and other design platforms.


Use the black belt you have in the closet or borrow a belt, then use a material that can be attached to the belt in gold or yellow. You can use felt, fabric or foam to create the golden buckle.




Cosplaying is easy, but cosplaying well? That's something else. Sure you can go online and buy yourself a costume, but the real show-stealers are the ones who make their own. And as you can see from our website recommend by BuzzCosplay, you will be going to a new Cosplay's world! Don't forget to vote for your favorite, and let us know what you think!

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