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Cosplaying is easy, but cosplaying well? That’s something else. Sure you can go online and buy yourself a costume, but the real show-stealers are the ones who make their own. And as you can see from our website recommend by BuzzCosplay, you will be going to a new Cosplay’s world! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite, and let us know what you think!

BuzzCosplay wants to bring cosplay to the masses! Our approach is to bridge the gap between easy off-the-shelf Halloween costumes available only for the most popular costumes, and custom-made cosplay costumes that require a great deal of expense and technical skills.

Our Cosplay Costume guides are aimed at beginner and intermediate costume makers, those who want to create no-sew costumes by combining readily available clothing and accessories and making minor modifications to them. With our guides, you’ll be ready for everything from the next Halloween party to Comic Con!

Are we missing your favorite character? Please let us know.

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Email: buzzcosplay520@gmail.com

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