Miraculous Ladybug Costume Guide

Transform into the Miraculous Ladybug just like Marinette, but you won’t need an amulet to do it, only our DIY costume guide.

Miraculous Ladybug is a French animated series that tells the story of Marinette, a sweet teenage girl living in Paris who has been chosen together with Adrien to fight evil. Marinette transforms into the superheroine known as Miraculous Ladybug with the help of an amulet.

She is known for wearing a striking ladybug-inspired bodysuit which features black and red spots like the insect that is this superhero’s namesake.

In this guide, I will show you how to put together your own Miraculous Ladybug costume from materials you can easily find online or that you may even have at home. Below you will find some no-sew cosplay options as well as some DIY instructions.

No-Sew Costume Ideas

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How to Make Your Own DIY Miraculous Ladybug Costume

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The Miraculous Ladybug has blue hair that is separated in short pigtails. In order to accomplish this look, you can dye your hair blue or use a wig. Follow these steps:

1. Separate the hair with the help of a comb and use two ties to form each pigtail

2. To get the right color use this trick: Grab a few strands of hair and apply foundation makeup. Remember to spread it from the roots to the tips, then use a blue makeup eye shadow and apply where you have the base.

3. Another option is to purchase a blue wig and tie the hair together to form pigtails.


As a superhero, she wears an eye mask to help obscure her real life identity. You can buy a premade version of this mask, or try the following:

1. Use red construction paper and draw the outline of the mask with a pen or pencil.

2. Cut out the shape you just outlined. Don’t forget to cut out the eye holes too.

3. Draw a few black circles to mimic the ladybug look.

4. Poke a hole on each side of the mask using a sharp object.

5. Cut half a meter of nylon or yarn and hold the mask through both holes. The thread will help keep the mask attached to your face.

Suit Top:

1. Wear a red long-sleeved shirt to simulate the ladybug suit.

2. With black felt or black fabric, proceed to cut circles to add to the suit.

3. Use hot silicone to glue them on or sew them on with a needle and thread.

4. Cut 15 cm wide black fabric or an old black shirt to assemble the neck of the suit. Proceed to fold it in half and join the edges with hot silicone or sew it on with a needle and thread.

5. With the help of hot silicone you are going to stick the black ribbon on the neck of the shirt.

Suit Bottom:

1. At this point, you can use red pants, leggings, or a jumpsuit.

2. Make circles out of black fabric to add to the garment.

3. Paste each circle as you prefer. Remember to add them to the front and the back of the pants.


1. Wear some red shoes or booties that you have in the closet.

2. If you don’t have red shoes, look for long red stockings, then add the black polka dots on them to match the rest of the suit.


1. Wear red gloves and glue on black circles, as in the previous steps.

2. If you have gloves but in a different color, you can dye the gloves with a red tint and add the black circles.


The Miraculous Ladybug uses a red bag with black polka dots.

1. Use red fabric or felt and cut two circles the size you want.

2. Find a zipper and measure it to the circles. Leave an opening to include the zipper.

3. Glue both circles together at the edges.

4. To hold the bag you need elastic. Glue each end of the elastic to the beginning and end of the zipper opening.

5. Attach the zipper with hot silicone into the opening of the bag.

6. Make black circles and add them to the bag.


She uses a yo-yo as a weapon. You can have a blast with this character by buying a red yo-yo and attaching some black dot stickers to it to complete the look.

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