Teen Titans Raven Costume Guide

Become one of the most iconic heroes from Teen Titans with our costume guide for the dark and mysterious character known simply as Raven.

Born of a twisted tryst between a human woman named Arella and a demon called Trigon, Raven is understandably a character who struggles with multiple facets of her personality and has an air of darkness about her. But her serious nature provides a much needed element to the Teen Titans gang.

Raven has multiple astounding abilities, including the ability to feel and alter the emotions of others, and to relieve and inflict pain on others.

She can also project solid black energy in order to teleport, become intangible, and communicate telepathically.

Considering her ominous background, it’s not a surprise that she has a fashion sense that is distinctively goth. She sports a long, purple cloak with a black leotard which compliments her ashen gray skin quite well.

Raven’s outfit is rather simple to replicate with just a few items which you should be able to find in your closet or with just a little bit of craftsmanship.

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Raven Costume Ideas

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How to Dress Like Raven from Teen Titans


To recreate Raven’s hair you only need to find a purple wig styled in a short bob. But don’t worry if you can’t find one, as a hooded cloak can cover your hair so it isn’t exactly a requirement.


Raven has an ashen complexion which is central to her identity. You can achieve her signature look with the following makeup tricks:

1. To achieve a grayish skin: mix a makeup base, white concealer, and black eye shadow until it becomes a homogenous gray-colored mixture

2. You should make enough of this makeup to apply it to the entire face, neck, and chest with a brush.

3. Blend with a sponge to level the tone and seal with translucent powder.

4. For the eyebrows, use a purple pencil or base mixture with purple shadow. With the help of an angular brush, paint your eyebrows.

5. To paint your eyelids, use the white shadow at the beginning of your eye, then apply a light gray tone to the mobile eyelid and blend in the eye socket with a dark gray.

6. Use black shadow to blend out of the lower waterline and use a white eye pencil to delineate the waterline.

7. On the lips you can use a dark purple lipstick or use a lilac lipstick and seal it with translucent powder.

8. You can paint the diamond on her forehead with purple paint or glue a shiny plastic or fantasy stone with eyelash glue or hair fixative.

Raven Makeup Tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/embed/RT6hrRqMjbU?feature=oembed


Raven’s outfit can be recreated with white stockings and a black bodysuit. If you have a black one-piece swimsuit you can also use that instead.


Wear long black gloves or dye the gloves you have at home with Chinese ink.


if you have a raincoat to protect yourself from the rain in purple or black, do not hesitate to use it. Another option is to dye a cape you have at home from an old costume to use as Raven’s cape.


For footwear, you can use purple or black boots to complete Raven’s half-human / half-demon look.




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