Hellboy Costume Guide

Hellboy is one of my favorite characters to dress up as because it’s a costume that makes heads turn wherever you go if you do it right. Plus, with his trademark sarcastic wit, it’s hellacious good fun to get in character and play the role whether you are rocking the costume at a con or Halloween party.

Red, the heroic demon known as Hellboy, is known for his devilish red skin, muscular build and of course his sawed-off horns. Other items, including a cigar, heavy-powered guns and wardrobe add an extra punch to the character. You will have a lot of fun recreating this look.

In this DIY costume guide, I will teach you how to become Red with just a few items and a heaping fistful of creativity.

How to Dress Like Hellboy

Hellboy Makeup Tutorial:


Hellboy’s sawed-off horns (which he refers to as “chubs”) can be built with the cardboard roll from toilet paper. It is an easy way to make horns. You just have to cut the tube in half, fill it with paper mache and paint it red. Attach it to your forehead using silicone makeup.


The most important aspect of the Hellboy costume is to make sure you paint every visible body part red. Using red face paint to cover your visible skin and dab on brown and black makeup to mark some abs and other touches. Blend very well to make it look natural.


Wear a mustard-colored overcoat like one you would find at a vintage store or military supply store. Make sure to wrinkle it up to get the right look.


Grab a pair of black pants, just make sure they are loose and baggy to get as close as you can to the cinematic version of Hellboy.


You will need three belts to recreate the costume: two black and one brown.

Right Hand of Doom:

This is where you can really let your creativity shine. Recreate Hellboy’s stubby block fist with newspaper, a sheet of compressed cardboard, cinnamon tape, vinyl paint, brushes and white glue.

If you really want to knock it out of the park, use EVA foam and use this tutorial:

About Hellboy

Hellboy is a demon who was summoned from Hell to Earth in 1944 when he was just a baby. He was adopted by a monk named Rasputin to give Germany an edge in the final years of World War II.

He was educated to take care of the human race. Hellboy also known as “Red” has great affection for the man who raised him and rescued him from the Nazis, doing everything to make him proud even after he died.

The powers and abilities of this character are different, in that he possesses strength, speed, vigor and endurance over humans to a certain degree injuries, in turn he has an accelerated metabolism that allows him to resist maximum temperatures and also all kinds of toxins. He heals from lethal wounds more easily than humans.

His right hand is made from an unknown, almost indestructible red rock or mineral-like material and regenerates as if it were a bone component. He also ages slower than a human and has extensive knowledge of the occult, occult language, sorcery, demonology, and parapsychology.




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