Spider-Man ‘Homecoming’ Homemade Costume Guide

Homemade Spider-Man Suit: DIY Guide

Spider-man’s known for his slick suit and web-slinging abilities, but in the recent 2017 film ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’, we meet Peter Parker before he ever dons his sleek spider suit. In the film, he is just getting his spidey legs and improvises a homemade costume using a variety of every day clothing items. It might not be perfect, but he proves that it’s the guy, not the suit, that makes his mark on the world.

Just like Spider-man created his own suit all on his own, you can do the same thing for your next cosplay convention or Halloween party with a Spider-Man Homecoming costume of your very own! Get ready to go back to the basics in style!

Read our guide below to make your own DIY Spider-Man Homecoming costume for cosplay or Halloween.

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Homemade Spider-Man Suit Costume Ideas

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Homemade Mask:

Spider-Man’s first mask is a simple loose-fitting ski mask with welding goggles over-top and white tape obscuring his eyes. You can easily recreate this for yourself by purchasing a bright red ski mask online from any retail website, or you can shop at your local sports store to find one.

You can buy welding goggles online through construction websites or local warehouse stores, or you can use a pair of cosplay steampunk aviator goggles instead. You can buy these at most Halloween stores or through websites like Amazon or Etsy.

Pick up a roll of white masking tape while you’re at it and put it over the lenses, but test them first around your house to make sure you can see enough to safety maneuver through your upcoming party or convention. Make sure if you have long hair that you tuck it back in a bun or ponytail so it won’t stick out!

Homemade Suit:

Spider-man wears a dark red baggy hoodie with no sleeves over a loose-fitting bright blue shirt, equally loose-fitting blue jogging pants, and his hoodie has a black spider-shaped emblem painted on the front. You can buy these items online from most retail clothing stores, or from your local mall.

For the sleeveless spider hoodie, buy a plain red hoodie, cut the sleeves off and use black fabric paint to create the spider emblem yourself. Allow it to dry before wearing it.


To add the final touches to your homemade Spider-Man costume, you’ll need a pair of thin bright red boots or red socks, and also a pair of dark red gloves with a black web-like overlay. These will definitely give you a good handshake grip when you meet people at your next cosplay event!

You can find red shoes and boots at most shoe stores both locally and online. For the red socks, choose a warm yet lightweight pair of socks.
For the gloves, any pair of durable red and black gloves will do.

This is an especially great cosplay choice if you’re going to a ComicCon and you’re a huge die-hard Marvel fan!

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