11 Best Horror Movies on Disney+—Because Disney Can Be Scary Too

In a sea of streaming services, most of us subscribe to more than one. Disney+ isn’t in the top tier for most (unless you’re hardcore into Disney throwbacks, Marvel, The Mandalorian, et al.), and certainly not for horror fans because the selection isn’t vast. But if you’re thinking about subscribing to Disney+ or are trying to figure out which horror movies to watch on there, I’ve got you covered.

Disney+ may not be going toe-to-toe with Shudder (nobody could) anytime soon, but if you live outside the U.S. or have a VPN, there’s at least somewhat of a horror selection—especially if you don’t have access to Hulu, then your only choice is to subscribe to Disney+ to watch their horror selection. And believe me, Hulu has some great horror originals to choose from—not to mention beloved ’90s horror films like Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992). Keep reading for the best horror films on Disney+. (And if something doesn’t make this list, it’s likely because I haven’t seen it yet.)

11. The Omen & Damien: The Omen II

Damien riding his tricycle in his house
(20th Century Fox)

The reason both films are listed together is that I think you should double-feature them. The Omen (1976) is a creepy horror film, meanwhile Damien: The Omen II (1978) is more explicit about the violence that happens. Both Omen films deal with the concept of the Antichrist and how far people who are dedicated to their religious cause will go. If you’re not big on anything to do with religion or supernatural horror then don’t check either of these out. But if you dig all of that and want to watch some ’70s horror, you’re in for a creepy two-part ride.

10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Frank N' Furter being too real in The Rocky Horror Picture Show
(20th Century Fox)

I’ve made my thoughts about The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) very clear before, but regardless I’m going to recommend this horror musical gem yet again. It’s a staple as far as queer horror goes and was ahead of its time in a lot of ways. Surprisingly it’s harder to imagine Rocky Horror coming out now. Rocky Horror doesn’t necessarily have a plot per se (and what little plot it has isn’t stellar). Thankfully the performances and musical numbers make up for all of that. Tim Curry and the majority of the cast are still fucking icons still.

9. Alien and Predator series

Xenomorph being terrifying in Alien
(20th Century Fox)

Of course, not every film in the Alien and Predator franchise is great and there are some entries that should’ve stayed in the vault. But it’s hard not to love Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) being a badass opposite cool sci-fi horror creatures. I’m not as big on the Predator films but what I will say is that they have something to offer from what I’ve seen. Not to mention Prey (2022) was a huge hit when it came out and impressed many horror fans. Check out both franchises if you haven’t already and enjoy space!

8) Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

Buffy Summers in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer film spraying perfume at fire
(20th Century Studios)

Knowing what we know now about Kristy Swanson, it’s hard to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) without thinking about her future self. But I’m going to ignore reality for a moment to talk about this ’90s throwback. Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be the best Buffy Summers to me. But she wasn’t the first and we can’t necessarily ignore that the film came first. The campiness of the film works and it’s a fun watch more than anything else. Plus, a lot of the cast are pretty famous now, so that’s interesting to think about. Overall, it’s a staple if you love ’90s horror flicks and want to go back in time.

7. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Lynn hitting one of the mutants in The Hills Have Eyes remake
(Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Plenty of horror fans know about Wes Craven’s original The Hills Have Eyes (1977) and it’s certainly not for everybody. I’m not necessarily a fan of the original (throw your tomatoes), but somehow I love the remake. There are aspects of The Hills Have Eyes remake that I’m not into and it’s hard to watch in some spots. However, it’s so atmospheric and you can feel the terror through the screen. I mean, a horror movie centered around mutants and a mostly conservative family makes for a batshit ride. It’s not for the faint of heart though, so don’t go into The Hills Have Eyes remake without remembering that.

6. Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Needy trying to kill Jennifer with a box cutter in Jennifer's Body
(20th Century Studios)

Talking about Jennifer’s Body (2009) is something the horror community does quite a bit. And I’ve written about it so much it’s not even funny. Of course, I wasn’t going to avoid including it because duh. It’s a queer horror gem that never received its props during the late aughts (most of us loved it immediately). If you’ve never seen it and love the idea of a possessed teenage girl going on a rampage then you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s a personal favorite for many folks (including myself) and still means so much to fans.

5. Black Swan (2010)

Nina dancing as the Black Swan in Black Swan
(Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Psychological horror doesn’t get its props all the time and ultimately Black Swan (2010) deserves ALL the praise it received upon release. Natalie Portman’s performance is otherworldly and the subject matter explored in this film is really rough. But it is necessary because ultimately the world of dance has so many problems. Black Swan (2010) is trippy as fuck and the imagery is striking (even when our heads are being played with). Also sorry not sorry, Nina (Natalie Portman)’s hallucinatory sex scene with Lily (Mila Kunis) is still pretty hot. And the ending scene is still worthy of a few wide eyes.

4. Ready or Not (2019)

Grace smoking a cigarette after a night from hell in Ready or Not
(Fox Searchlight Pictures)

If you didn’t know already, the same folks behind this film ushered in a new era for Scream. They know horror and love the genre genuinely—and it shows in Ready or Not (2019). Scream queen Samara Weaving is forced to flee her in-laws and husband when they hunt her on her wedding night. The performances from the whole cast are noteworthy and there’s of course commentary surrounding the ultra-wealthy. I highly recommend going in without knowing anything about it if you can help it. But if you’ve already watched Ready or Not, then maybe it’s time for a rewatch?

3. Fresh (2022)

(Searchlight Pictures )

Horror movies that center around cannibalism are always so unnerving. Therefore having a horror film like Fresh (2022) explore the horrors of dating as well as the scary reality of how dangerous men target vulnerable women is … perfect. Everyone does what they need to do in Fresh and there’s more than one final girl in the end! I recommend going into this without expectations and enjoying the wonderful turn 30 minutes in. Also, if you’re looking for a horror film where Sebastian Stan plays a villain, look no further!

2. Barbarian (2022)

Tess and her smartest move in Barbarian
(20th Century Studios)

There’s no ignoring the trope surrounding Black women in Barbarian and how frustrating it is to watch Tess (Georgina Campbell) almost die more than once. The film isn’t remotely obvious where it’s heading once you press play. At first, it feels like a horror film that’ll focus on Tess being kidnapped by her new friend. But there’s something far more sinister going on in her rental. It’s wise not to read spoilers about the film if you’re entering into it for the first time. Barbarian may not be for everybody, but it’s twisted and creepy when you think about the events of the past and the present in the film’s world.

1. The Menu (2022)

A very delicious looking cheeseburger in The Menu
(Searchlight Pictures)

There’s something about horror films set in weird places that are fun to watch. Imagine going to a restaurant as a critic and suddenly you’re fighting to stay alive. The Menu explores topics surrounding classism, capitalistic issues surrounding food services, and the ways in which the wealthy view food and workers. It’s not super serious in tone either and the comedy aspect is what keeps The Menu fun and scary at the same time. As usual, Anya Taylor-Joy shines so fucking bright in this film!

(featured image: Searchlight Pictures)




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