Jawa Costume Guide

In this guide, I will show you how to scavenge together materials to make your very own Jawa costume from Star Wars!

The Jawas were the first aliens to appear in Star Wars: A New Hope. They are creatures of small stature and wear clothing that covers their entire bodies, revealing only a pair of bright eyes and are always shrouded in mystery.

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How to Dress Like a Jawa from Star Wars


Cut two long strips of chocolate-colored felt that you join at the ends with a needle and thread or silicone, at the end remember to place them both crossed belts and with the same material you make two pockets like Jawa’s.


The characteristic color of the suit is brown, therefore if you do not get this color you can use a light tone and then dye it.

On the web you can get different patterns to make the Jawas costume, in which they explain step by step how to make them.

Another option is to use a robe of some costume that you have at home that resembles Jawa’s and dyes if necessary.


To do it you need a mask that covers your face, you can use the facial protection of the goalkeepers of joqui, it works perfectly since you only have to paint black or cover with black felt and glue it with silicone; then to make the lights that represent his eyes you can use two circuits that light two small bulbs or replace it with small flashlights that work with contact batteries and stick them to the mask.

Gloves and Shoes:

Use any black glove you have at home and black shoes to complete the costume.

In this way you make a good costume to represent a Jawa and build your own clan, remember that if you want to look even more like them you can consider forgetting the shower for a few days and recreating the quirky smell that allows you to communicate with each other.

About the Jawas

Thousands of years ago the Tatooine planet was not what it is today, instead it was a planet with great oceans and jungles. At that time it was inhabited by a technologically advanced race, these beings were enslaved by the Rakata, but eventually they revealed themselves and as punishment the Rakata bombarded their planet until the surface remained little more than fused glass.

That crystal crumbled and became the deserts we know now. This drastic change of environment caused them to evolve into two species, one of them being the Jawas.

The corporation brought many sand crawlers to Tatooine, but abandoned them when they were unable to mine the resources they wanted.

These crawlers changed the civilization of the Jawas who used them as houses for their clans and places to collect materials for trade.

The Jawas eventually migrated to other planets where they established a clan.

At all times they kept their faces wrapped in towels to retain damp and dissipate body heat, as well as hide their identity, which is why they have a mysterious appearance.

The Jawas are adapted for low-light viewing and placed polished yellow gemstones on the fabric to dissipate the light that entered their eyes, which is why they appear to have bright yellow prenetant eyes.

They were passive and put little resistance to foreigners whom they saw as a business opportunity.

They were disgusting since they did not bathe because they considered it a waste of water and they used those smells to communicate an incredible amount of information between them.

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