How To Cosplay Lucy Heartfilia From Fairy Tail

Cosplaying Lucy Heartfilia is ideal for showing your love and appreciation for the Fairy Tail anime and manga series. Lucy is the most prominent female character in Fairy Tail, so it’s a no-brainer to cosplay her as Kallisi Vamp does in the picture above. 

We’ll tell you about Lucy’s background and style, plus list out the items you need to match her look, and give you some tips to get it just right.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy Heartfilia is the 2nd most important character in Fairy Tail after Natsu himself, effectively becoming his right-hand woman. She left her family home after her mother’s death and eventually crossed paths with Natsu in Hargeon Town. Lucy is friendly, energetic, and caring but never lets her appearance suffer.

Lucy’s Style 

Lucy Heartfilia takes great pride in her appearance, with her curvaceous body always on show. Her shoulder-length blonde hair is held in pigtails, one on either side of her head. She always wears a mini-skirt with a white belt that holds a pouch containing her Celestial Spirit keys, crucial for her magic casting. She also carries a black whip on the belt too.

Plus, she often wears a tube top with a heart pattern, a sleeveless blue and white blouse or jacket with detached sleeves on her arms, along with black thigh socks and brown leather boots. She also has her pink Fairy Tail logo stamped on the back of her right hand.

Throughout the Fairy Tail series, her style does evolve, but the look captured so well by Kallisi Vamp is the one she’s best known for.

Putting Together Lucy Heartfilia’s Outfit 

The Lucy Heartfilia look is instantly recognizable by Fairy Tail fans, and your cosplay costume should be too. That’s why we’ve selected a handy list of products that you can buy to mimic her appearance. We’ve included products with a reasonable shipping time and shipping cost. 

However, it’s essential to look at the size chart to ensure the product size is ideal. Lucy would never wear ill-fitting clothes! 

We’ve included an all-in-one Lucy Heartfilia cosplay option because it’s the most convenient way to get her sleeveless blouse and the detached sleeves she wears with it. 

But before we get into that, we’ll give you some tips to keep in mind so that you can bring her outfit to life.


Lucy’s hair is quite intricate because it requires you to make two pigtails in your Lucy Heartfilia wig. However, Lucy wears ribbons to hold them in place, and they vary in color, so you can be flexible here. You may need to comb and style the fringe to match Lucy’s hairstyle.


Lucy has brown eyes, so if yours aren’t brown, you should consider getting colored contact lenses. Her Fairy Tail logo can be recreated by following this simple video tutorial. That’s all you need to do.


Once you’ve sorted the whole outfit, ensure that the belt is at the right height and the sleeves stop halfway between the shoulder and the elbow. Also, check the thigh socks come halfway up the thighs. 


As we mentioned, Lucy carries a black whip attached to the left-hand side of her waist on her belt and her Celestial Spirit keys in a pouch on the right-hand side. The Celestial Spirit keys are not on display, so it’s up to you whether to get those. But the whip is a must-have item for the outfit to look authentic.

The All-in-One Costume 

Lucy’s cosplay costume requires specific items, like the tube top and sleeveless jacket. Getting these as part of an all-in-one costume is the best way to go unless you want to try your hand at making them. We think the Miccostumes Women’s Full Set Lucy Seven Years After Cosplay Costume with Belt Waist Bag and Whip is ideal. It includes most of what you need, but not the wig, socks, or boots.


The Wig 

Lucy’s blonde hair is an essential part of her look, which means getting a suitable wig to match. You’ll want one with enough hair to make two pigtails and style the fringe. We think the MapofBeauty 24″/60cm Girls Long Wavy Cosplay Party Wig gives you the hair and color you need.


The Thigh Socks 

One of the easiest parts of Lucy’s outfit to buy are her thigh socks, as they are widespread outside of cosplay. We chose the Women’s Extra Long Thigh High Socks.


The Boots

Buying Lucy’s boots would ordinarily be a difficult job, but thankfully, we found a pair of specially made cosplay boots that match Lucy’s exactly. They are the Whirl Cosplay Boots for Fairy Tail Lucy Heartfilia, and the picture says it all. 


The Celestial Spirit Keys

If you want to go to the next level with your Lucy Heartfilia cosplay, you’ll need her Celestial Spirit keys. She began Fairy Tail with 10, but you can get all 12. The 12 PCS Fairy Tail Lucy Keychain Set gives you a quality set of Celestial Spirit keys plus a keychain to hold them. 


Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay Examples

Here are some great Lucy Heartfilia cosplays to give you ideas.

First up is this perfect cosplay from Lucy Chan Cosplay:


Second is this playful version of Lucy by Missy Moo Creative:


Finally, Lucy as portrayed by Hey It’s Xen:

You should now be able to get everything you need to pull off a stunning Lucy Heartfilia cosplay! 




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