A Cosplay Lover’s Dream: 5 Famous Anime That Are Coming Back For New Seasons

We can all agree that there’s two things cosplay lovers adore, and it’s the My Cosplay Shop Spring Sale and anime coming back for new, exciting seasons. Our writers have scoured the web finding the best anime that is coming back for new seasons and more excitement in 2021!

1.) Danganronpa cosplay lovers will be excited for this.

Danganronpa tops our list being one of the blockbuster anime that has captured the world and is coming back with more (mis)adventures in 2021. Get your Danganronpa cosplay ready and see who the real ultimate fashionista is this year!

2.) The Promised Neverland Season 2

The Promised Neverland is coming out with a season 2 after season 1 became a smash hit on Netflix. Watch the endearing and thrilling story of the orphans continue as they hit the perilous road after their escape from Mom.

3.) My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia season 5 comes to us in 2021, after My Hero Academia cosplay has been seen around the world since the drop of the series. The charismatic cast and crew is back for season 5 this year in June.

4.) Bleach

A long-time favorite that ended in 2012, this legendary anime will be back this year for the arc of The Thousand Year Blood War. Bleach fans can get excited, because although the release date has not yet been officially announced, Bleach will be coming back for a new season in the year 2021.

5.) The Way of the House Husband

The Way of the House Husband is known for it’s comedic take on what happens when a Yakuza boss loses his job and becomes a house husband, grocery shopping and taking care of a home. The comedic spin on the traditional Yakuza Gang makes this a must watch anime that will be hitting screens for a new season in 2021.

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